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Don M. Boston, MA

I've been frequenting Foreign Car Specialists for years. Tony and the team (his brothers) are - without question - the most forthright, honest mechanics I have ever used.


Tony will not sell you service you do not need - period. He will only service what you ask him to do and, if you ask for an opinion, you'll get an honest one. For example, I asked whether - at 150K miles - the clutch on my Honda Accord needed replacing; the answer: "It still works, doesn't it? Don't replace it until absolutely necessary." That was 20K miles ago, and the clutch is still working like a charm! That was a $900 repair that I'm sure another mechanic might not have been so tempted to forego!


Tony is a bit expensive, but the quality of work is beyond reproach and you can trust any assessment given by the team. After my new Toyota is off warranty, I know where I'll be going with it!

Natasha S. Medford, MA

I've had my cars (Volvos) repaired at Foreign Car Specialists since I learned to drive.  Foreign Car Specialists is attentive to detail, and intimately familiar with the types of cars they service.  My car always leaves driving better than I ever knew it could, and is in and out of the shop quickly.  As long as I live in Massachusetts, I won't bring my car anywhere else.  In fact, one time I was in, and a couple had driven up all the way from Virginia to get their cars serviced here.  Absolutely fantastic place.


The most honest mechanics around!

Truly an honest and knowledgeable mechanic.  The only place I've trusted with my car for the past 15 years.


Foreign Car Specialist is absolutely the only place I TRUST with my car.  They are reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced and fair.  I've been their customer for 15 years and HIGHLY recommend them.  They fixed my Infinity and now my Honda.  If you want a mechanic you can trust, this is it.

Rebeca A. Boston, MA

Diany S. Boston, MA

Great Prices, Super Honest


I came to Tony with a long list from the dealer. When I came back half of the list I did not need to do and his prices were much better than the dealer's. I ended up saving over $1,000.00. Tony will tell you what you need right away and what can wait, he won't just replace a part you ask him to. If you ask for a tune up, he will tell you every how many miles you should have it according to the manual, which surprised me because usually the mechanics just do a tune up. I saved money there too. All in all is a pleasure to feel you are not a money pit for the dealer.

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Martin T. Boston, MA

Miracle worker for cheap! I had my car towed to Tony's shop a couple of weeks ago. It had stopped dead in the road. He ran the codes, identified the problem part, reviewed the warranty and told me to bring it to the dealer and have them fix it for free. And he charged me nothing! Of course, after the dealer had kept the car for four days they still hadn't noticed it needed an oil change, so I brought it back to Tony the next day and he did it in 20 minutes while I waited! I've brought my cars to him for years. If you want an honest mechanic who's quick, thorough and reliable (who doesn't, right?), call Tony Diaz.

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